To keep my prices fair and my customers happy, we have a few different warranty options depending on the type of eyewear purchased.


One complete frame and lens replacement, no questions asked within the first 18 months and a second lens only replacement as well. There is no warranty against loss but if your child does lose their glasses, you can get a replacement pair at 50% off the original price.

Teens and Adults

Basic Warranty – All eyewear comes with a free basic warranty. Frames and lenses are covered against manufacturers defect only and allow for one free replacement within 1 year from purchase.

Extended Warranty – For an extra 20% you can have one free frame replacement and one free lens replacement within the first 18 months with no questions asked. There is no warranty for loss.

What is a manufacturer’s defect?

  • Paint flaking off
  • Hinge malfunction
  • Solder point coming apart

Scratches and breaks due to normal wear and tear or abuse are not considered a manufacturer’s defect and not covered by our Basic Warranty.