New Arrivals

I will be getting in new styles in on a regular basis. We will be posting some of those frames here on our website and on our Instagram and Facebook account as well. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on our new products.

Safety Eyewear

iSee Optical is taking over the former Safety Eyewear Supplier MRK O Eyewear. iSee Optical has one of the largest selections of safety eyewear available in Alberta and those safety frames will be on display for purchase in iSee Optical. We feature Safety brands such as Wiley X, ArmouRx, Wolverine, On Guard and Revision Military.

Children’s Eyewear

We will be offering a decent selection of children’s eyewear with our FREE Children’s Extended Warranty. The warranty allows for one complete no charge replacement and a second no charge lens replacement within 18 months of purchase no matter what your child did to their eyeglasses. The Warranty does not cover loss but if the glasses are lost, a replacement pair with the exact same prescription and frame can be purchased at 50% of the original price.

Our Frames

Just like many products like clothing, you can get cheap frames and you can get high end quality frames. They may look similar, but the difference in quality is noticeable. I have two stories to illustrate this.

Many years ago when I first moved out on my own, I purchased some towels for my bathroom from Wal-Mart. My Mom had warned me about buying cheap towels and suggested I spend a bit more and get some quality ones from the Bay. I of course being a 20 year old male knew better so I didn’t listen. After just 1 wash my Wal-Mart towels were coming apart at the edges. My Mom took me to The Bay and helped me find some good towels. Twenty years later I still have one of those towels which I use for my dog, but it’s still in decent shape.

A friend of mine has an authentic Coach purse. Her mother purchased it years ago and through the years passed it down to her daughter who then passed it on to her sister, my friend. This name brand quality purse was built to high standards and it shows because even today it is still in good condition and is proudly used by it’s owner.

A pair of glasses is something you wear on your face every day. It is almost a part of you. It needs to stand up to the wear and tear of every day use while complimenting your face and your style. Cheap frames are just that, cheap. They usually won’t hold up very long and need constant adjustments to keep them fitting properly.