I recommend a soft cloth and an approved eyeglass cleaner. Do not used Windex or any ammonia based window/glass cleaners. They are too harsh and can damage any coatings on your lenses as well as dry out or damage your frame.

If your iSee Optical eyeglasses are getting particularly dirty, drop them off for a complete cleaning which includes a dip in our ultrasonic cleaner.

Contact Lenses

One-Day/Dailies – These lenses are not meant to be taken out, cleaned and re used, they are one use lenses so there is no real care regimen needed.

Bi-Weekly – These lenses are meant to be worn 14 times, preferably within a 30 day period. Acuvue products are meant to be disposed of 14 days after opening. Over night these lenses can be stored in a multi purpose solution. I recommend staying with whatever solution you were given when you got your lenses. Mixing and matching solutions can be bad for the contacts as well as for your eyes. Certain solutions are better with certain contacts and that was taken into account when you were originally given a sample to try.

Monthly – These lenses are meant to be worn 30 times and must be stored in a cleaning solution when not in use.