Our Children’s Package offers great frames along with a great warranty.  Kids break glasses, it’s a fact of life, I’m a Dad, I know.  So I will give you one free frame replacement and 2 free lens pair replacements within 18 months of the original pick up date.  We have a great collection of Swing frames which are virtually indestructible and we also offer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty Frames.






All of our Children’s eyeglasses now come with a free lens tattoo as well.  You can have your child’s initials put right on the corner of the lens, or they can choose a shape if they prefer.  We have things like dinosaurs, flowers and stars to name a few.  This will be engraved directly onto the corner of the lens making your child’s glasses unique!

For the little ones involved in sports, we have some sports glasses from Wiley X made just for kids.  They are actually 2 pairs of glasses in 1.  They come with regular temples so that they fit like regular glasses or you can remove the temples and put a sports band on them so that they more easily fit under a helmet.