See Better, Look Better, Feel Great!

iSee Optical wants to sell you good quality eyewear to help you see Better. I will be selling Fashionable name brand eyewear to help you Look Better. Finally I will charge you a fair every day price and provide outstanding customer service so that you feel Great about your purchase.

iSee Optical is Grande Prairie’s answer to Fashionable eyewear at FAIR prices. With an Optometrist on site 5 days a week including some evenings and Saturdays, we are your full service Optical shop. I will even have a finishing lab on site so that some prescriptions can be done with my high quality lenses in a matter of a few hours. I am the owner of iSee Optical and my name is Marco Keller, a registered Optician in the province of Alberta with over 25 years of Optical experience.

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Our Optometrist
Dr. Shonah Finlay

Dr.Shonah Finlay has been a practicing Optometrist since 1997. She has international experience in dealing with eye issues and she puts that experience to good use. Dr. Finlay has been examining eyes in Grande Prairie since 2013 and has put down roots in our community.

We here at iSee Optical consider ourselves fortunate to have such an experienced Doctor as Dr. Finlay as part of our eyecare team.